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Empowering tech talent

At i8c, we’re all about integration. Not just when it comes to systems and apps, but minds and missions too. Because when people are part of a greater whole, they will lift each other to new heights.

The i8c community is rooted in this desire for connection and empowerment. Harnessing it, we foster and grow tech talent. Sharing knowledge and encouraging each other to never stop learning.

Microsoft Azure Community

We all share a deep-rooted passion for Azure and integration. It’s this passion that fuels our drive to be the best when it comes to Azure integration services. So we can ultimately empower organisations and people to be the best too. Learn more

IBM Community

Our community of passionate IBM integration specialists is dedicated to supporting a digitally transforming world. Through expertise and advanced developments, we make the difference for our clients on a daily basis.

Architect Community

Our community of architects excels in a plethora of integration fields, pushing boundaries for excellence and innovation across a wide range of topics. We bring strategies to life and design the foundations of modern enterprise technology.

Boomi Community

Our Boomi community aims to propel your business into the era of connectedness. As pioneers in connectivity, we bring decades of expertise to the table, expertly blending data, technology, and human insight. Through collaboration, support, and swift adaptation, we stay ahead of the game.

Our tech communities are the cornerstone of our DNA and competitive edge, with knowledge sharing, collaboration, and leading the way in the latest technological advancements forming the foundation of our identity. We support, nurture, and embed our communities into our way of working.

Niels van der Kaap

IT Architect


Connect with a vibrant expert community. Master different integration technologies. Tackle challenging projects. Sound good? Then join us!

A myriad of technologies

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we master a myriad of technologies, from Azure to IBM to Boomi.