Case Study

Integration Architecture – API Mgt

HFB – Het Factilitair Bedrijf

Customer Profile 

HFB – Het Facilitair Bedrijf – is the internal services provider of the Flemish Government (Vlaamse Overheid, VO) HFB provides a wide range of services, including IT platforms and IT management. 

Within HFB, an architectural competence center is active around topics such as security, identity and access management, networking, directory services, cloud platforms, packaged applications and application integration. 

API Management

In context of the digital strategy of the Flemish Government, HFB has implemented an API Management platform. Based on Apigee, a well known API Management solution from Google. 

i8c was withheld to take up a role as Architect and Product Owner at HFB around this API Management initiative, providing a senior Integration architect. 

Technical Context

  • REST API’s 
  • JSON message definitions 
  • API Security: OAuth2 and OpenID Connect 
  • SAML integration and SAML SSO 
  • API Monitoring 
  • Apigee best practices 

Integration Architecture

During the course of the missioni8c addressed lots of integration related questions and challenges: 

  • Integration of the API Management platform with internal Identity Provider 
  • Architectural involvement in specific, API management related projects, e.g. myHealthViewer to expose medical data 
  • Define roadmap for API security improvements 
  • Support internal customers with the usage of Apigee 
  • Expose Apigee’s Management API 
  • Support the continuous evolution of the platform regarding upgrades and SLA 
  • Write best practices and sample code 
  • Support internal customers during their selection phases, internal pre-sales 
  • Guide the introduction of a 2nd SAAS version of the platform 

Project Challenges

The API Management platform is multi-tenant with multiple parties – internal customers – involved.  

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