Case Study

ODTH – e-logistics integration platform


i8c is an integration partner for several logistic companies in Belgium. Thanks to our experience, we are able to facilitate the integration of internal processes and the communication with external (international) parties (such as EDI,…). This yields high-quality solutions for warehousing and distribution.


ODTH provides high-quality solutions for warehousing and distribution. The company handles high quality goods and offers added value through flexible logistics services tailored to its customers so that they, without worries, can excel in what they do best.

Project Details

i8c supports ODTH in the e-logistics activities it offers to its customers. We help them to automate the information flows throughout the whole logistics chain.

Our Solution

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a common practice in the logistics sector and typically part of the onboarding process for new customers. Thanks to the integration platform maintained by i8c, ODTH can quickly, easily and efficiently automate the communication with its customers using industry standards such as GS1, UNEDIFACT, etc., but also by supporting the customers’ own data formats such as XML, flat files, … Transport orders, inventory updates and other business transactions are automatically exchanged in real-time between the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of ODTH and the ERP of its customers in a secure and reliable way, avoiding unnecessary delays and human errors.

The integration platform at ODTH is also used to collect IoT data. It allows to provide real-time info on the occupation of loading bays to ODTH’s customer service personnel, directly from the WMS of ODTH.

Tools & Technologies

Software AG webMethods (Integration Server & Trading Networks)

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